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Success Measures

Success of our services is based on well-defined milestones that signal transition from intake to client management phases of the program. Earlier phases focus on functionality, while later phases concentrate on achieving product and service qualities, and deliverables.

Total Sentencing Alternatives Program's Missions is to provide evidence-based practices and intensive case management to address the congitive and emotional reasons clients engage in behavior that leads to arrest and re-offending.
We value the delivery of all services with:
Accountability and
How We Mesaure Our Performance:

How We Mesaure Our Performance:

We work hard to assure consistent delivery and   highest quality of our services.  As part of integrated project management we measure our performance in 3 main areas:
Client Management (intake, program completion and recidvatism rate)
Stakeholder Deliverables (local and state law enforcement and public safety)
Quality Indicators (equipment functionality, staff assessment, client feedback and stakeholder survey)
Staffing and Team Dynamics

Staffing and Team Dynamics

The program implementation stage employs a staff based on a client to staff ratio of 10 to 1. By knowing planned, actual dynamics and composition of our clients, we avoid staffing trouble well ahead of time.

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TSAP provides outpatient and intensive outpatient,Mental health services .


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