TSAP provides outpatient and intensive outpatient for persons addicted to alcohol and drugs.

TSAP also provides individual and group treatment for clients in need of mental health and behavioral health services.

The management team is comprised of a medical director, licensed addiction counselors, Licensed mental health counselors, social workers and counselors who are qualified, licensed and credentialed and have been working in the field of Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders.

Total Sentencing Alternatives Program (TSAP) , established in 1999, was the largest electronic monitoring service provider in the state of Louisiana.

TSAP has successfully managed in excess of 10,000 offenders with a recidivism rate of less than 15% . During this time, TSAP saved the City of New Orleans millions of dollars in Jail costs.

TSAP completed its contract with the City of New Orleans and ended its Electronic Monitoring operations in 2009.

TSAP provides wide array of services to the Criminal Justice Community. This also includes fee collection, case management and probation supervision.Beginning in 2008,  TSAP began its shift towards substance abuse and mental health issues.

TSAP obtained its first substance abuse license in 2008 from the State of Louisiana.

TSAP began this new focus by providing full assessments and group counseling for New Orleans Traffic court offenders. These offenders were primarily DWI offenders although after a complete assessment it was often found that the individuals were also engaged in some form of drug abuse.

TSAP continued to perform assessments and conduct groups for Traffic court until 2011.

TSAP’s programs incorporate occupational development, as well as cognitive-based behavioral programs that address mental and emotional issues.

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